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“Magic glows in the night !”

Cayin N8ii2022年新品
整理了一些外网烧友对N8ii的评价给大家康康因为截图会变得模糊所以直接复制的原文不必担心是本嘤自己写的毕竟没有那个文化水平0 1·
"I agree the price on the N8ii is very reasonable and it’s commendable Cayin kept the price down so more people can enjoy it.
So relaxing listening to it on an easy Saturday morning. I was listening to the Yazoo, upstairs at Eric’s album and The Jam stuff on the tubes and it’s amazing the details and tone. The balance is just right without going over the line."
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"I find the sound coming out of the N8ii via the OH10s to be nice and thick, really going to try to enjoy it with all my IEM and HPs, …… I do really like the case the Cayin came with, colour and feel are quite nice."
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"Perfect traveling companions"
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"Let’s get back to N8ii and the best way to enjoy the N8ii with full sizes !!!
Connect it to a tubes amp .Magic glows in the night ! "
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"Finally got mine! Its way beyond my imagination. Simply amazing."
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"there is just so much more magic going on in N8ii, it's like Cayin pulled out all the stops to deliver audio magic without breaking our banks (we audiophiles budgets) but make sure your other components are upto the task, I mean to reveal all that to your ears unfiltered."
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"I confirm, Traillii + First Times cable and N8ii Tube, AB, P+ are just insane good.
First song with it and I am just blown away, the detail and texture with the bass, no words."
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"Burning it in now. Wow, hats off to Cayin! Amazing transparency coupled with euphonic tube sound in portable format. This is like having my full desktop setup on the go. This feels similar to my 300B preamp + CFA3 combo. Wow!
Listening to IE 900 with High gain, P, Tube, A class mode. Music is Patricia Barber‘s Clique! album in DSD512."
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"Got the demo unit today from MusicTeck and it's really good. I'd say the descriptions in this thread are pretty spot on with how I hear it (very dynamic, super revealing, spacious, neutral), so not much to add here from me aside saying the hype is real and having a great time with it and the IEMs I've used with it so far (EE Odin, FiR XE6)."
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"One of the top 5'wow' moments I've had in audio is listening to N8ii paired with EXT using the First Times cable. Since it was so good, I bought the whole set up. Tonight, I only had a few hours to listen to them together, but I verified what I heard at CanJam NYC. This pairing is a near end game set up as there is tremendous synergy between the N8ii and EXT. The tube timbre really gives the bass response a slightly warmer and more holographic presentation without sacrificing clarity. The transparent and revealing nature of N8ii really enhances EXT by expanding its staging with outstanding imaging. To me, this is a near perfect bass response especially for Jazz music, but also for any music with a rhythm section."
"Agree with the esteemed ears in this thread that the EXT sounds fantastic with the N8ii. I don't have the added bonus of a fancy upgraded cable in the mix, whether Norne or PW (I'm fighting a sort of long, bitter stalemate battle of the soul around four-figure cables)...but even as a lowly stock-cable man the N8ii keeps the rumble and the sparkle and fills in the already accomplished mid-range a hair or two more than (my) competing sources. The synergy roulette with a new piece of equipment for me is always will it overpower or fight a strength of the transducer or will it be complementary. The N8ii doesn't magically transform anything on the EXT to me....but it does +1 it's already crazy sexy strenghts.....which is more then enough in my book."
"We'll see but N8ii is worth every penny no doubt and will be tough to beat."
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